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Posted by on Dec 2, 2013 in Blog, Browse All, Demos, Equipment Talk

Topsail Beach, North Carolina in 4K on the Sony FDR-AX1

I recently was at Topsail Beach, North Carolina with my Sony FDR-AX1 and wanted to test this new camera at low light. I woke at 5:00am and headed to the beach to capture the 6:58am sunrise. Since it was late in November, it was very cold. But I braved the chilly wind and stood there getting a few shots of the rising sun, which was my only goal of the morning. But after the sun rose, I noticed flocks of seagulls huddled on the beach not far from me.

I calmly and quietly approached the group and got some great 4K shots of the birds. As an added bonus, I happened to capture a dog running towards the unsuspecting gulls, chasing them away. Since I was shooting at 60fps, that should make for some great slow motion 4K clips.

Also to my surprise, there were three fishing boats on the distant horizon. I loved how the boats were surrounded by birds, which was a perfect situation for showing the benefits of 4K resolution. I repositioned my camera and focused on the vessels to grab a few shots.

As the morning progressed and it started to warm up, more people started to populate the previously empty beach. So decided to pack up and head out. But not before getting a few shots of beachgoers starting to set up their fishing gear and tossing around a football.

All in all, this early morning venture to the beach lead to about 35 individual stock footage clips. Available for licensing on Pond5 here.

TIP: If your bandwidth will support it, be sure to view “Original” in the quality settings to see these clips in full UltraHD 4K resolution on YouTube.