How I Organize Raw Footage from a Multiple Day Stock Footage Trip July 18, 2015

When I arrive home after a multiple day and location stock footage trip, I’m often faced with the daunting task of preparing final stock footage clips from gigabytes of raw footage files. While I enjoy shooting, I don’t have the same feeling about editing, especially when there are hundreds and hundreds of clips to sort through.

Screen-Shot-2015-07-15-at-9.20.19-PMI’ve come up with a procedure that makes this task a bit more tolerable for myself. When I have several media cards full of raw footage, I copy all the files onto my hard drive and arrange them in folders of similar content before I do any editing. I then begin prepping these clips in “chunks,” which makes the work seem more streamlined and not so overwhelming.

Another advantage of this method of organization is that my keywords are also arranged in similar groups, which ends up helping when it comes time to add the metadata after the final clips are uploaded.

Take a look at this example of my recent Washington, D.C. adventure. I ended up with two media cards containing 675 photos and raw video clips from my Panasonic GH4. As you can guess, these clips were all shot in a haphazard manner. One moment I was at the White House, then next I was at the Washington Monument, then back to the White House. If I were to go through these clips one-by-one from one big folder, I’d be very frustrated with how unorganized the clips were and what still needed to be reviewed.

By putting them in separate folders organized by similarity, I was able to systematically edit clips in much smaller groups. Plus, I was able to pick and choose what “topics” I wanted to work with during an edit session. After I reach the bottom of a folder, I mark it with a dot so I know those contents were reviewed and edited.

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Just by taking a little time organizing your workflow will make editing your stock footage a bit more tolerable, and maybe even more enjoyable.

James Orlowski

James Orlowski is the owner of Orlowski Designs, LLC. He is an accomplished videographer and producer with nearly 20 years of video production.

A graduate from Penn State University with a Bachelor’s Degree in Communications and a Master’s Degree in Multimedia from Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, PA, he has years of experience shooting and selling stock footage on many of the major Internet-based microstock footage agencies.


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