Cables You’ll Need to Use a VariZoom VZ-Rock LANC Controller on a Sony PXW-X70 August 20, 2015

If you’re a Sony PXW-X70 owner who is wanting to use a LANC zoom controller, you’ve probably realized that for some reason Sony didn’t put a LANC port on this camera. Instead, there’s a USB-style port in it’s place.

The problem is, most, if not all zoom controllers operate on a LANC port. So, you’ll need an adaptor…or two.

In my case, I have a VZ-Rock by VeriZoom (fig.1) from an older Sony camcorder that was blessed with a LANC port that I wanted to use on my new X70. After some research, I found that I needed the following two adaptor cables to use this zoom controller.

The first cable you need is a cable that adapts the USB-style port on the X70 to an A/V port. This cable is called the Sony VMC-AVM1 A/V R Adapter Cable (fig.2). No matter what LANC zoom controller you use, this is the first adapter cable you’ll need.

The next cable adapts that A/V port into a LANC port, and is dependent on the style and type if zoom controller you have. For my VZ-Rock, I needed this VariZoom Mini Audio/Video to LANC Converter Cable (fig.3). One end plugs into the A/V port on the previous cable, and the other end has the traditional LANC port.

With this set-up, I’m able to control the zoom and focus, as well as start and stop the recording and toggle the overlays on the camera’s monitor.

VariZoom VZRock Variable-Rocker

fig.1: VariZoom VZRock Variable-Rocker

Sony VMC-AVM1 A/V R Adapter Cable

fig.2: Sony VMC-AVM1 A/V R Adapter Cable

VariZoom Mini Audio/Video to LANC Converter Cable

fig.3: VariZoom Mini Audio/Video to LANC


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