Dolly Up Pittsburgh Skyline January 29, 2017

PITTSBURGH – Circa January, 2017 – A slow dolly-up establishing shot of the Pittsburgh skyline in the wintertime. Shot with a Panasonic GH4 on an Edelkrone SlideONE with motion module for smooth movement.

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Ride Sharing App Screen January 22, 2017

A man uses a ride-sharing app on his cellular phone to call a driver.

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Dropping Lead Pipe on Toe January 22, 2017

A slow motion shot of a construction worker dropping a lead pipe on his steel toed boots.

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Simulated 1980s 8-Bit Racing Video Game January 11, 2017

A simulated 1980s 8-bit racing video game animation.

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NYC Subway Green Screen Doors December 30, 2016

A New York City subway car’s doors open to reveal a green screen for your custom content.

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Snowstorm in Manhattan December 29, 2016

NEW YORK – Circa December, 2016 – Traffic and pedestrians on 6th Avenue in Manhattan during a snowstorm.

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