Trump Tower Establishing Shot December 29, 2016

NEW YORK – Circa December, 2016 – A winter establishing shot of Trump Tower on 5th Avenue with a heavy police presence guarding the building.

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Man in NYC Snowstorm December 29, 2016

A man dressed for a winter snowstorm looks around at buildings on 5th Avenue in New York City.

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San Antonio Establishing Shot September 29, 2016

SAN ANTONIO, TX – Circa September, 2016 – A daytime establishing shot the famous river walk and La Antorcha de la Amistad sculpture in downtown San Antonio, Texas.

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Williamsburg Bridge Subway August 28, 2016

Chasing a New York City subway train on the Williamsburg Bridge over the East River between Manhattan and Brooklyn.

Shot with a DJI Osmo while riding a bike.

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Freedom Tower Aerial July 27, 2016

NEW YORK – Circa July, 2016 – An aerial view above lower Manhattan and the Freedom Tower. Shot in 4K resolution with a Panasonic GH4 from a helicopter.

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Check Credit Score January 5, 2016

A man checks his FICO credit score on his smartphone. The result is excellent. Fictional device and screen interface.

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Deserted City Street November 11, 2015

A high-angle sunset view of a deserted city street. Useful as a blank background plate for depicting a plague, curfew, or zombie apocalypse. Motion in trees and river.

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